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RECIPE: Mirror glaze


Super shiny mirror glaze, mirror icing recipe

This is a recipe of super shiny mirror glaze. The recipe is in PDF format, it is very detailed and has step-by-step images.

For this recipe you will need some special equipment and ingredients, and here they are:
– digital scale
– glucose syrup or corn syrup
– gelatine powder or leaves
– food coloring (both powder and gel works well)
– long offset spatula
– small knife or small spatula
– candy or digital thermometer NB! the one you have for oven/meat won't work (you can buy one on Amazon, for example)
– hand blender
– small saucer pan (approx. 1 l or 35 oz)
– microwave
– cling film
– and a frozen mousse cake

You need to let your mirror glaze rest for 24 h, so make it first. Then make a cake (perfect, if you make it in silicone mold), freeze it at least for 6 hours and immediately glaze it!

Are you ready to make the magic and inspire others?! Let's do it! Good luck! 🙂


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