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Macarons SET: Video Tutorial + 30 Fillings


Everything you need to know to start making beautiful Macarons

To succeed the Macaron's recipe, you need to understand what happens in their preparation, without myths, without manias. This lesson will focus on the execution of the macaron batter: a perfect meringue, a perfect macaronage and what to do to find a great result in your home's oven. Also learn good fillings to complete this amazing confection of pastry world . Detailed booklet with information of ingredients, utensils and tips.

Recipe language: English

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Set includes recipes for:

Blackcurrant ganache
Fresh mint ganache with raspberry filling
Tonka bean ganache with cherry filling
Coconut ganache with strawberry filling
Yoghurt ganache with blueberry filling
Vanilla ganache with mix berry filling

Seabuckthorn and orange ganache
Fresh goat cheese ganache with figue-raspberry filling
Marzipan ganache with apricot filling
Lime-basil ganache with strawberry filling
Hazelnut ganache with lemon filling
Blue cheese ganache with pear filling

Pistachio ganache
Caramel filling
Spicy ganache with cranberry filling
Lemon ganache with raspberry filling
“Strawberry cheesecake” filling: creamcheese ganache with strawberry filling
Chocolate-rum ganache with prune filling

Dark chocolate ganache
Milk chocolate ganache
Caramel hazelnut milk chocolate ganache
Irish coffee ganache
Passion fruit and milk chocolate ganache
Raspberry and dark chocolate ganache

Earl Grey tea with lemon ganache
“Snickers” filling: chocolate ganache with salted caramel and peanut filling
Blackcurrant and chocolate filling
Raspberry ganache with raspberry filling
“Pina Colada” filling: coconut ganache with pineapple filling
Coffee ganache with banana filling

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