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Set of 8 original mousse cakes recipes (Season 1)

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Unique original recipes of unbelievably tasty Entremet Mousse cakes. 8 perfect cakes — premade menu for your pastry shop or home bakery!

Calculations are for two 18 cm/7 inch diameter cakes. Mirror glaze and velvet recipe are not included. You can learn separately: about the glaze, velvet technique or both.

Read cake description below.

Warning! Intermediate knowledge and pastry tools are required! You can learn basic techniques here or here.

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Recipe language: English

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  1. Earl Grey tea, pear, chocolate & hazelnut Entremet Mousse cake. Cake composition: Chocolate and hazelnut sponge with pear pieces, Chocolate cremeaux with pear liquor, Pears in syrup, Earl Grey mousse
  2. Raspberry, mango, passion fruit & vanilla Entremet Mousse cake. Cake composition: Almond dacquoise sponge, Crunchy layer with coconut and passion fruit, Vanilla namelaka, Passion fruit confit with mango pieces and raspberries, Raspberry mousse
  3. Caramel, blackcurrant & pistachio Entremet Mousse cake. Cake composition: Pistachio sponge, Pistachio streusel with blackcurrant crispy, Blackcurrant confit with Crème de Cassis liquor, Blackcurrant ganache, Creamy caramel mousse
  4. Coconut & strawberry Entremet Mousse cake. Cake composition: Coconut sponge, Coconut cremeaux with freeze-dried strawberries, Strawberry confit, Coconut mousse
  5. Chocolate, cherry, red wine & yogurt Entremet Mousse cake. Cake composition: Two chocolate sponges, Greek yoghurt supreme, Cherry confit with red wine, Light milk chocolate mousse
  6. Carrot, mango, cream cheese and saffron Entremet Mousse cake. Cake composition: Carrot sponge with nuts, Crunchy layer with walnut paste, Mango and carrot confit, Cream cheese mousse with saffron
  7. Sweet mint, raspberry & chocolate Entremet Mousse cake. Cake composition: Almond sponge with raspberries, Raspberry, chocolate and fresh mint cremeaux, Raspberry confit, Creamy fresh mint mousse with chocolate shaves
  8. Chocolate, banana, coffee Entremet Mousse cake. Cake composition: Banana-chocolate sponge, Crunchy coffee streusel layer, Caramelized bananas, Coffee namelaka cream, Dark chocolate mousse

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